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To learn to dive on Phi Phi island you will need a professional Dive centre, instructor and recognised dive training agency. We teach both SSI (Scuba Schools International) and PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). Both are internationally recognised dive organisations and you can be certified by either, however, PADI standards require that you purchase the dive manual as part of your course. The cost of this is 900 Thai Baht. If you want to know more about SSI vs PADI click here

SSI does not require you to purchase the dive manual and as Island Divers is an SSI dealership we have all the various teaching materials available to you while you do your course. You do not need to purchase them.

All the following course prices include equipment hire, boat trip, lunch, fruit and water on the boat, instruction and certification fees. (For PADI courses there will be an extra charge of 900 Thai Baht for the PADI dive manual)

For students being certified we will need two passport photos and for those with a medical condition or a history of a medical condition we will need a doctor’s letter. To ensure you are fit for SCUBA diving you will be required to complete the attached medical form.(download checklist)

All prices in Thai Baht (BAHT). You can use the Convert Currency to convert into your preferred currency.

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From 15th July, 2017 the Thai Department of Marine Parks implemented the following National Marine Park fees:

Entry Fee (valid for 3 days)

Adult                  400 Baht

3~14 years old   200 Baht

Younger than 3   free entry


Diving fee (valid for 1 day)

200 Baht

These fee are to be paid in cash directly to the Marine Park officials on the day you dive.


3400 Baht

A one day introduction to diving, no experience necessary. The introduction resort dive begins with a short theory session in the morning explaining the basics of diving and dive equipment, then out on the boat to the Phi Phi Marine Park.

The first dive starts in a shallow bay with some underwater skills to make sure you are comfortable with the dive equipment, then swim off for a dive with the instructor to a maximum of 12 metres. The dive lasts approximately forty five to sixty minutes depending on your air consumption. Back to the boat for lunch and some snorkeling and then another dive after lunch with the instructor.

Back to the Dive Centre around 2.00pm to receive your certificate of recognition which allows you to dive again with a dive professional and can be credited towards your Open Water certification (valid for 6 months).

In-house upgrade to the Open Water certification is only 9500 Baht (upgrade completed in 2 days).

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7900 Baht 
The Scuba Diver course is a pre-entry level certification which allows you to dive to 12 metres with a dive professional. It is the first portion of the Open Water course and can be credited towards your Open Water certification. The course takes two days, the first day is theory and confined water training at the beach. The second day you go on our dive boat for a day trip to the Marine Park and do two 12 metre dives. At the end of the course you will receive an international certification card which will allow you to dive to 12 metres with a dive professional.

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12900 Baht

Sign up for the most popular diving programme in the world. Learn the fundamentals of scuba diving in our classroom. We teach you all the theory you need to be comfortable with your dive equipment and the underwater environment. Our groups are small, maximum of four students per instructor.

We will also take you to the beach to familiarise you with our dive equipment. Understanding your dive equipment is an important part of your course and will increase your confidence and ability in the water.

Then over two days you will complete two day trips off our custom built dive boat to the Phi Phi Marine National Park. You will be diving on some of Thailand’s best dive sites while you are completing your course. In three to four days you will learn all you need to know to be an internationally certified diver.

Upgrade from Scuba Diver to Open water –  7900 Baht

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10400 Baht

Increase your diving skills and broaden your dive knowledge by taking the next step, the Advanced course.

This course consists of five adventure dives, two must be deep and navigation and you can choose the other three. This course can be completed over two to three days. Your Advanced certification will inspire you to more advanced diving activities with a recommended maximum depth of 30m.

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3200 Baht

A one day refresher course for certified divers who have not dived for a while. You will receive a book to read and a quiz the day before you dive. Come in the morning and go through the quiz with a dive professional then out on the boat to our Marine Park.

We will plan the dive with you and go over the equipment set up. The first dive starts in a very shallow bay with some underwater skills to make sure you are comfortable with the dive equipment and your buoyancy, then swim off for a dive. The dive lasts approximately sixty minutes depending on your air consumption. Back to the boat for lunch and some snorkeling and then another dive after lunch back to the Dive Centre around 2.00pm to log your dives.

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4900 Baht 
This first aid course takes just one day. First aid training is a pre-requisite to Rescue Diver training. Therefore if you do not
have proof of a first aid course less than twenty four months old you will need to complete this course.

Your first aid course will consist of independent study, skill development and scenario practice. You will learn CPR, injury first aid, illness first aid and O2 provider. This will make you confident in dealing with both life-threatening and non life-threatening injuries.

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12600 Baht
Don’t learn the hard way! The Rescue Diver program perfects the skills for accident prevention and management. Over 3 days Island Divers’ Instructors will have you performing rescues, diver assists, managing diver accident scenarios and rendering first aid. Your course will be in the classroom, on the beach and out on our dive boat going to the Phi Phi Marine National Park. All together the programme provides you with the skills to anticipate, prevent and manage diving emergencies. All done with fun and enjoyment. Must have first aid and oxygen provider certification such as React React Right First Aid before enrollment.


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Can my friends come on the boat snorkeling?

Yes, we take snorkelers on the Marine Park day trip. It is 700 Baht for the day and includes mask, fins and snorkel, lunch, fruit and water and the boat trip. Your friend can snorkel while you dive and you can have lunch and snorkel together at lunchtime.

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Island Divers Student Discount

Divers who have completed a course with us will receive a 10% discount on Day Trips for life and 700 Baht off the next course


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