Divemaster Internship on Phi Phi

Divemaster Internship on Phi Phi

Looking for a new adventure?

Sick of the old routine?

Do you want a new and exciting profession that will allow you to work and travel to the most exotic destinations in the world? Then Island Divers’ Divemaster Internship on Phi Phi is for you.

Come and see us at Island Divers, we can change your life. In just 2 months Island Divers can take you from a novice diver to a dive professional with an international qualification. All this fun while making sure you are taught to the highest possible standard. Island Divers offer a complete package that involves more than just the Divemaster internship course.


This is your first step to becoming a dive professional. The Divemaster course is split up into three sections:

1. Knowledge Development
Here you will learn about the theory of diving and being a Divemaster. We teach you about problem solving, ethics, dive management, dive planning, supervision and the theory behind diving. There will be 2 exams. One on being a dive guide and one on physics, physiology, equipment, skills and environment, and decompression theory and the Dive tables.
You will also be required to complete an emergency assistance plan for the area with first aid information and phone number and radio channels for hospitals, helicopter services and anyone else that may be able to assist in an emergency.

2. Waterskills & Stamina
You will need to complete a 400 metre swim, 800m snorkel swim, treading water for 15 minutes, 100 metre tired diver tow and the 25 basic scuba skills. Of course you will be able to practice these during the course to improve before assessment. We will teach you the basic scuba skills so that you will be able to do them at a demonstration level before your assessment.

3. Practical ApplicationScuba
This part of your course will help you with problem solving and allow you to put everything that you have learnt so far into
practice. You will be required to make a map of one of our training dive sites and perform an underwater equipment exchange with a buddy.

You will start out by assisting instructors that are guiding certified divers around our dive sites. Over the course of a week or two your instructors will start stepping back and allowing you to take over until eventually you are running everything under the instructors direct supervision. This is your first step to becoming a professional Divemaster.



At Island Divers we have two options for divers ready to take the first step to become a dive professional:

OPTION 1    Divemaster Package

Moray need love too!If you want to do the Divemaster course to improve your diving skills and you are not interested in working as a dive pro, we can teach you the course in four to eight weeks, depending on your own speed of learning and adapting to new skills. We offer you this in our Divemaster Package.

The Divemaster Package includes all courses from Open Water to Divemaster, all course fees and a full set of equipment. (SSI Divemaster application fees are included, however, PADI Divemaster application fees are not included and need to be paid separately by you). This package is for people who are looking to become a better diver and not necessarily work in the diving industry. Although you will have more than enough knowledge and be fully certified to work in any dive centre in the world, this option doesn’t afford you the opportunity to work hands on in our dive centre. That is where option 2 comes in.

Option 1, the Divemaster Package, costs 173,000 Baht.

Option 2   Divemaster Internship (Recommended option)IMG_6238

If you don’t have a time limit and you are looking at a complete immersion in a new lifestyle we can offer you our Divemaster
Internship, which offers you a discount in exchange for you working in our dive school while you are doing your courses. You won’t be working for free. We will pay you and better still, at the end of the course when you have become a Divemaster, we will most likely offer you work as a Divemaster since we have trained you and we are confident you are a total pro.

To start you Divemaster Course you must be a rescue diver and have 40 dives. To become a Rescue Diver you must complete the following:

Open water course                                    3 days      12,900 Baht
Advanced course                                        2 days      10,400 Baht
First aid, O2 and Rescue course              3 days      17,500 Baht

PICTURE_136At this point, when you have become a Rescue Diver, you will have about 15 dives. To get up to 40 dives we charge 10,000 Baht. This is a massive discount compared to paying for each dive individually. From starting your Openwater course and getting up to the to point of having 40 logged dives, it will take you about one month.

The Divemaster course itself takes about 3 to 4 weeks to complete, depending on how easily you pick things up. We offer you the Divemaster course for 18000 Baht in exchange for working for 3 months after the date you finish your Divemaster course. If you decided to stay longer and you work for us as a Divemaster,  we will refund you the 18000 baht for the Divemaster course after 6 months of work. Your work includes shop sales, myriad shop duties, guiding divers, smiling a lot and pinching yourself occasionally because you can’t believe you actually took the plunge, became a dive pro and you are living the amazing lifestyle that it entails.

This is a lifestyle choice, a career move. It is something you will need to study for ghost pipefishand you will need to buy the books for the
Divemaster course to do that study. This costs 10,000 Baht and includes all certification fees (SSI Divemaster application fees are included, however, PADI Divemaster application fees are not included and need to be paid separately by you) and materials.

There is also some equipment that you will need to buy:

Mask and snorkel
Wet suit
Dive knife
Surface Marker Buoy
Tank Banger
Underwater writing slates
Fish ID slates
Dive computer 

This will cost 20,000 – 30,000 Baht, depending on what models, brands you want.

To work as a Divemaster you need professional liability insurance. This usually costs about 6,000 – 8,000 Baht depending on which company you use. We can advise you based on our own experience with regard to which insurance company/policy is best for you.

The total for all courses and materials would be 68,800 Baht plus the insurance and equipment but you should budget for 120,000 Baht because if you decide to stay and work we will expect you to buy the rest of your scuba equipment and depending on what you models/brands you want, this can cost up to 40,000 Baht. This price does not factor into account living expenses. Accommodation can be around 10,000~12,000 Baht per month. Food and drink can be between 500~1000 Baht a day depending on how social you are.

You won’t regret becoming a Divemaster, not only is it a great way to work and travel around the world but it’s also very social and you get to meet all types of interesting people that would never normally cross your path and you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place than Phi Phi, with it’s natural beauty and wonderful marine park, there is so much to see.



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