Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Island Divers excellent reputation rests, in part, to the high standards they set.

None more so important than the quality and maintenance of their diving equipment. From the smallest booties to an extra large BCD, each piece of diving equipment is thoroughly looked after. Island Divers pursue safety in their equipment with vigour.

Island Divers stresses that the consistently safe operation of each depth and pressure gauge must be of the highest priority. Each regulator, octopus and BCD is painstakingly kept clean and in safe working order with a regular maintenance and testing schedule each week. When you pop into the Dive centre ask for a tour of our equipment room and our friendly staff will be happy to show you around.

Our Boats

Island Divers has two dive boats, Nong Phon and Satanuk. They are custom built, multi-level, dive boats that will carry you to the local dive sites comfortably and quickly. Their scuba diving amenities have been designed to maximise the pleasure of cruising the Phi Phi Islands on a diving day. On board you will find tank racks that allow you to kit-up easily whilst remaining seated on the benches. When it is your turn to accompany your Island Divers’ professional into the water there is a diving platform at the back for a simple water entry. Exits from the water are facilitated by two large ladders that hang off the back to a depth of 1.5m allowing you to save your energy for the next dive.

There is a toilet, shower, sundeck with chairs and a table and even a padded bed down below. With safety being a priority to Island Divers there is a fully stocked first aid kit and oxygen kit placed and secured in an obvious position for easy access by all divers.

Our captain and boat crews are all experienced dive boat staff. They know just what divers need and when they need it. So your personal equipment and Island Divers’ equipment is always ready and waiting when you approach the dive site. In the cockpit resides the radio for constant shore-cover.


Nong Phon’s specifications: 25m length, 5m wide at the equipment station and can carry 30 divers.

Satanuk’s specifications: 20m length, 3.5m wide at the equipment station and can carry 25 divers.


For the more remote dive sites at Island Divers we have our own custom built speedboat for easier accessibility and for your own safety and comfort. Our speedboat has two 250hp engines, tank racks, toilet and GPS on board. As well as a fully stocked first aid kit and oxygen kit. We take a maximum of 14 divers on board.





Equipment & Facilities

Island Divers have 60 full sets of diving equipment. Keeping it all in top condition is a full time occupation. But that is the nature of the Island Divers’ commitment to scuba diving and to their guests.
Island Divers’ scuba diving equipment includes:

  • BCDS (XXS to XXL) – Aqualung Wave
  • Regulators – Scubapro
  • Diving Cylinders – S80 12 litre tanks and S63 9 litre tanks (for junior divers)
  • Wetsuits – custom made 3mm shorties (XXS to XXXL)


The Equipment Room allows the Island Divers’ Dive Team and their guests to stow their equipment safely and neatly at the end of each diving day. Each piece of centre equipment or guest equipment receives its own hanger and hanging space to drain and dry properly.

The Equipment Room was designed and built onto the center to afford maximum space within the center’s review areas, retail areas and relaxation areas. It also needed to have enough space for diving equipment storage and cleaning and to allow Instructors to review the assembly of dive equipment with their student divers before embarking on a shore dive.

Island Divers are more than happy to store your scuba diving equipment and wetsuit (should you need one!) in the Equipment Room. It is ideal for easy boat and beach access on a dive day and bolts down like Fort Knox at night!

Just let us know if you wish to use the Equipment Room when you get here.

We recognise that the equipment is very important in diving. Our equipment is kept up to date, cleaned and serviced every year. Our equipment is used on a rotational basis, we use different sets of equipment on different days, so all our equipment is used evenly. We have service technicians that monitor our equipment and fix anything that looks like its about to break before any problems pop up.


Island Divers’ compressor is the latest in compressor technology. Our Bauer Verticus 5 compresser, a top of the range compressor by itself, has been improved by adding a pure air filter system, the only one of its kind on Phi Phi Island. The pure air filter refrigerates and filters the air before it’s pumped in the main compressor when it is filtered again and pumped in to our tanks. To be able to use this system Bauer requires us to keep our compressor in a cool, clean condition and we send one of our tanks away for yearly testing to ensure the system is working perfectly. Each year Bauer sends us a certificate that prove we have the cleanest air on the island. Our professionally trained technical staff service and maintain the compressor constantly so it will perform to it’s optimum level. The filters are changed regularly, guaranteeing your tank is filled with fresh, clean air for every dive.



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