Kled Geaw Wreck 3 Dive trip

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Kled Geaw Wreck 3 Dive trip




Kled Geaw Wreck

4100 BAHT – 3 dive day trip

Depth 14-28 metres

On March 19th, 2014 Island Divers were delighted to learn the Royal Thai Navy had sunk a new wreck only minutes from our dive school.

The Kled Gaew ( pronounced Get Gayo ) was originally built in Norway and later commissioned by the Royal Thai Navy in 1956.

She sits almost upright with an approximate 20 degree list to the starboard side. With her bow pointing north, the wreck sits in 27 metres of water some 800 metres off the east coast of Phi Leh Island.

Most of the wreck can be dived at 22 metres, which has enabled many open water divers to enjoy dives there. The wreck was well prepared and there are many large holes cut that allow divers to dive through and not just around it.

Island Divers have dived the wreck almost every day since it was gifted to us. The growth and arrival of marine life has taken place at a speed that surprised us all. Many species, such as lion fish, snapper, batfish now have a home and it has also become a safe haven for juvenile barracuda and a multitude of critters such as nudibranchs and crabs.

All in all, the Kled Gaew is an excellent wreck dive for divers of all levels – everyone who has dived her comes up all smiles and gushing about what a great dive it is.

So, what are you waiting for?


From 15th July, 2017 the Thai Department of Marine Parks implemented the following National Marine Park fees:

Entry Fee (valid for 3 days)

Adult                  400 Baht

3~14 years old   200 Baht

Younger than 3   free entry


Diving fee (valid for 1 day)

200 Baht

These fee are to be paid in cash directly to the Marine Park officials on the day you dive.


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